Stockholm cafes 2014

Every year the swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter release the best places in Stockholm, this is called the golden dragoon. It have different categories like cafes, restaurant in different prize ranges and bars, here they are:


Drop Coffe– A small cafe this a home feeling interior, the make the coffee from scratch and serve with grilled sandwiches, a perfect instafood picture- Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10

Johan & Nyström– The best cardamom bun in town, here is a place for everybody that loves coffe-Swedenborgsgatan 7

Kafe Esaias– Here they have everything, from coffee to food. Try their croque monsieur-Drottninggatan 102 B

Lundbergs Konditori– This place opened in 1946, it almost have the same interior as then. Serves Swedish cakes and biscuits like my favorite Semla (a bun with whipped cream that is only served just a few month during the year) –Sjöbjörnsvägen 2

Mean Coffee– a cafe in the concrete jungle, try their granola and sougher dough bread for breakfast!-Vasagatan 38



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